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Poster: grendelschoice Date: Nov 23, 2005 7:00pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: PROTEST INFORMATION

Thanks, Dr. F...

*sigh* It's all so sad...seems the GDP folks are thinking a lot about less and less, and forgetting the love we coin a phrase ;-)

anyway, my fave show is actually 10-29-77, just to be exact (i'm not sure they even played on the 28th) but I would be more than happy to burn you a CD copy and send it your way.

Not sure how we contact folks via the archive but if you want to send a private email address or mailing address my way i'll get right on it. EVERYONE should have a high quality copy of the brilliance that occurred at Evan's Fieldhouse that October night in 1977.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Poster: dr. flashback Date: Nov 30, 2005 2:13pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: PROTEST INFORMATION

Hello Grendel,
And thanks for writing back. Oh, I must have misread your old
post then. Of COURSE I have 11/29/77!! The Estimated>Eyes>
Space>St. Stephen is just over the top!!
All this time I've been thinking, "Geez, how can she think 11/28 is so great when the next night 11/29 is so obviously the standout"??? Ha ha!
Did not get 11/28 from LAMA, may still look for it. Right now busy DLing other SBD's lickety-split (wink, wink) from other places :-))
Wanna know a real funny one? After 2 years of DLing nothing but SBD's from LAMA, my last show DL was the AUD show of
11/8/70!! Kinda ironic and poetic in a strange way. Great show and quality sound, BTW -see my review.
I would really like to trade with you, and also discuss GD related stuff through Email, since LAMA is just overloaded.
I have 1970 through 1977 nearly complete, with a big pile of 1969 as well. Maybe there's something we each got that the other didn't?? Let's trade Emails - but agree to keep them private, cool? I don't want hundreds of people asking me for trades, LOL.
Let me know what shows or years you're needing to fill in. I also have lots of other stuff, ABB, Floyd, Little Feat, Band, Miles Davis and CSNY. Talk to me here - I do miss the old B&P days in a way, you know? Again, your letter was great, better than mine but then I was a music major!
Dr. Flashback